Olga is so charming and her work is impeccable!

Name of business – My etsy name is baboom, it was a first word my son said, it must be something good on baby language.

Link to my shophttp://www.baboom.etsy.com

About me – my name is Olga, I am from Far East Russia ( where I was a building engineer) but live in Australia for the last 5 years and really love this beautiful country. I have two little boys, husband and dog and they keeping me busy every day and night. I still miss cold Russian winters and maybe this is a reason why I making warm knits.

My craft and ( I hope) talent – I knit and crochet. A lot. I can not just sit and watching TV, I always keep my hands busy with my knitting needles or crochet hook. I have strong yarn addiction and my stashes are growing and growing, I love to work with Australian wool, it is so warm and soft, especially hand spun wool. I always positive while knit, I believe you actually knit your energy in every piece you making, and person who will wear it will 100% feel this positive energy.

How I do it – My inspiration is usually coming from yarn itself, nature of course, I love to stare on people wearing knits and watching fashion channel sometimes. And I just taking my needles and create, most of my knits are one of a kind, it’s a bit boring to “mass produce”, it’s more like an art for me.

What lead me to my craft – I was born at Soviet Union and we had our “labor and craft” lessons at school every week, this is why every Russian woman knows how to knit, crochet, sew and cook delicatesses from nothing, ha ha. Seriously, it was a pretty tough time back to my childhood, I had “perestroyka” childhood, everything was limited – food, clothes. Also my grandma is a great knitter, and I still using some old knitting books from her house. And I started to knit again for my older son, who is almost 4 years old , now etsy is a big part of my everyday life, I love to have opportunity to show and sell my creations here!

My other hobbies – I also enjoying to spend time doing embroidery, felt and sewing. At the moment I don’t have enough time with my kids, lil one is only 14 months old. I also dreaming about weaving…

My website is http://olgaasonova.weebly.com/


2 Responses to “FEATURED ARTIST: Baboom”

  1. www.baboom.etsy.com Says:

    Wow, Michelle, I like it a lot! Thank you so so much!

  2. Autumn Rose Crafts Says:

    Olga sounds lovely! I love the name ‘baboom’… yes I think in baby talk it means ‘my mommy is so talented!’ Lovely article michelle! really enjoyed viewing your blog. (love your work too)Sarah x

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