Featured Artist: Michelle Cox Photography

This striking photo is just one of the dramatic art pieces produced by Michelle Cox of  “Michelle Cox Photography” Chicago Illinois.  As you will see in her interview, Michelle’s view of life in America today is nothing but ” up front “, combining what is happening in our world and economy today with dramatic still shots of our history.  Her work is purely surreal.  Please visit her sites, it will remind you of who you are and where you came from. ( It seems that Michelle has a playful side as well, take note of her very interesting hobbies.)

Name of Business: Michelle Cox Photography

* Link to my shop: www.etsy.com/people/michellecoxphoto

* About me: I am fun-loving happy blond little miss that, if seen in the wrong light, can take some of the most depressing pictures in the world. 🙂 I do enjoy a subject matter that is not too often understood, however my passion is to show people things about the world that they might never see.
I grew up and still reside in Midwest America, specifically the Chicago-land area. So much of this area is dead now, outgrown by the world’s technological age. My goal is to shed some light that. I want to make the “walls” of a place talk, one last time before they are gone for gone.

* My craft or talent: I am a photographer. I guess i would call a lot of my work… journalist artwork. All of the images are left untouched, meaning that I find the natural composition when I arrive at an abandoned area. I never feel that it is my place to disturb anything when I am there. I merely look for the proper lighting and adjust my position to that. Then the fun begins…

* How I do my craft: I primarily work with digital imagery but I work with film and digital. Capturing an image, I feel, is one of the most amazing things to do, so whatever medium i have to accomplish that, i will use.

* What lead me to my craft: I have always been interested in art however when I was one class shy of graduating college I pulled up an easy “A” that happened to be intro to photography, and I fell in love. Since then I have made it my goal to create, in my photography, the way that I see the world, the way that life looks in my mind.

* My other interests or hobbies: I enjoy any kind of art or design. I love to go on adventures, I love to travel. I adore classic holiday. Not just an acknowledgment of the time but an “I am obsessed with the time period and know everything about it” adoration. My heart truly belongs in the 1940s. I enjoy to sing and tap dance… I love cooking and baking. AND I love coffee, and couldn’t do the girl I am without it. 🙂

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