Recycled Lamp

This is what happens when you take an old lamp out of the garage, clean  it up, rewire it

and create a new lamp shade for it.


Lamp shade recover

I can see why Early American lamp shades are hard to find these days. I had fits recovering this one, but it was worth the effort.

I started by stripping the frame taking care to keep the fabric in tack as much as possible so I could use it as a pattern. Come to find out, to make the top and bottom ruffles, you take two complete fabric circles, put a cut from the edge to the center of the circle on both pieces and sew the two pieces together. This gives you twice the diameter which creates the ruffle. A wire sewn in a channel to the outside edge of the ruffle allowed you to form the finished ruffles. The rest was normal shade recovering 101.

I had an interesting adventure creating the netted and lace trim as well. I had dyed the lace trim, cut 2″ strips of netting and folded it in half and stitched the lace to the netting. I then cut 2″ strips of chocolate satin, made bias tape and stitched the netting and lace to it.

Total hours 43, which is why Early American lamp shades are pretty rare these days.

Jennifer Renehan’s baby lamp

New Victorian lampshade

Large Victorian lamp shade for floor lamp or large table lamp.

New oriental shade.

I had so much fun creating this!

Silver grey floor or table lampshade

I have been trying to put a few larger shades in my shop. It seems that they are expensive to ship and generally only available in white or ivory. I have been trying to use some of the current popular decorating colors. Here is the latest.

Another shade

Here is the second.