Lamp shade recover

I can see why Early American lamp shades are hard to find these days. I had fits recovering this one, but it was worth the effort.

I started by stripping the frame taking care to keep the fabric in tack as much as possible so I could use it as a pattern. Come to find out, to make the top and bottom ruffles, you take two complete fabric circles, put a cut from the edge to the center of the circle on both pieces and sew the two pieces together. This gives you twice the diameter which creates the ruffle. A wire sewn in a channel to the outside edge of the ruffle allowed you to form the finished ruffles. The rest was normal shade recovering 101.

I had an interesting adventure creating the netted and lace trim as well. I had dyed the lace trim, cut 2″ strips of netting and folded it in half and stitched the lace to the netting. I then cut 2″ strips of chocolate satin, made bias tape and stitched the netting and lace to it.

Total hours 43, which is why Early American lamp shades are pretty rare these days.


Jennifer Renehan’s baby lamp

New handcrafted finials $19.95

FEATURED ARTIST: Aikuzzura Titanium Flutes

This unique artist is as spiritually talented as he is creative.

* Name of Business: Aikuzzura Titanium Flutes
* Link to my shop:
* About you: My name is Kudos Aikuzzura. That means, “the Holy Temple of Love, Light, and Spirit. Passion is the word I most often use to express who I am. What ever I am doing, it is my desire to be fully present in the experience, be it love, music,exercise, food or even stillness. I am a multi-faceted being and I do not believe in “Can’t”. I have spent a large majority of my life in self discovery. Always, I have wanted to alleviate the suffering of those I see everywhere, and so I have pursued knowledge and abilities toward that end. My Flutes are an important aspect in that self discovery. I have also studied the healing arts and in particular. I have been trained by my Vietnamese Master Luong Minh Dang for many years. As I have said, I am passionate and I love people, so as a teacher, I am passionate toward helping others. Now, as for music, there is a saying; ” Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”. It is very often that I experience music in my heart and mind. How wonderful is it that we have this gift of music!!!
* My craft or talent: Handcrafting titanium flutes.
* How I do my craft: As I begin to create a new flute, I start by sketching the outline shape, or profile image. The most significant aspect of the process is visualization. What is the feeling which the imagined form invokes? For me personally, the flute is inescapably somewhat of a spiritual instrument. By this, I mean that due to the fact that the very air which sustains life is what one uses to express themselves in music. Now that I have the basic form in mind, it will be translated intuitively through my hands as I form the parts. A number of processes take place in order to ensure that the finished product is both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically accurate. I feel that science and spirit come together in the making of a musical instrument. Much emphasis is placed on the head of the flute, especially the crown. Throughout history mankind has built temples as sacred places where by he could learn of his spiritual being. Many of the crowns I create are inspired by these temples. As man himself is a temple, it is my desire that as one plays my flute, that he will be drawn to his temple within. The flute in its form and function is very much like the human body with its portals which interface the inner and outer worlds. Much about ourselves can be discovered thru music and like the flute, it is the openings which allows the awakening to unfold.
* What lead me to my craft: Since an early age, I have had an interest in energy, pyramids, crystals, healing, and the like. In particular, the areas of light and music and the ways in which they impact our emotional states and well being. As a child, I grew up watching the T-V show Kung Fu with David Carridine playing Kwai Chang Cain. As Kwai Chang went about his many adventures, he would find peace in meditating while playing his bamboo flute. This resonated with some deep part of my being and I knew that one day I too would make a flute and enjoy the companionship of music. I was aware of the problems associated with bamboo cracking and so I went about finding a material which was light, strong, and not affected by the elements. At the time, titanium was starting to be used in various applications, most notably in the bicycle industry. I decided to test my theory and purchased a titanium handle bar for mountain bikes. Although it looked a lit strange, the sound was so mellow and resonant, perfect for a flute, but the shape wasn’t the ideal for most players. Once I found a supplier of titanium, the process of getting tools which were capable of working with this metal became a most intense process. Titanium requires some very specific tooling to work with due to certain physical properties inherent in the metal. This equaled a few broken tools in the beginning. Titanium is fairly expensive as well, but all things considered, the final result is an instrument of superior quality in every aspect. Used very often for weapons of war, I am very thankful to use this awesome material for creating an instrument of peace.
* Tell us about you, your history, interesting facts: I am a bit of a precision freak in that I admire precision craftsmanship. I have a great appreciation for time pieces and fine jewelry work. Any craft which uses skill such as bead work, sculpting, metalwork, painting, you name it. from the most sophisticated micro-chip to the most grand architecture, the human creativity seems limitless. From age thirteen, I began taking an interest in physical fitness and so in a way I enjoy creating my own body, and I admire the beauty and strength in others as they endeavor to create their own bodies. I remember something Yanni said some years ago, “life is precious, all of life and one must try to take in as much of it as possible, until the last moment”. I also remember in my younger years something said by the flamboyant Liberace, “Enough is good, more is better, and too much is just right”. Certainly in the realm of creative life these words would be aptly applied. So much can be said about my interests, but it is all best shared with good friends over music with a cup of jasmine tea or a good red wine.
*Additional notes about the flutes: All are completely hand crafted by Kudos Aikuzzura. Both my flutes and piccolos are made in the key of D at this time. I offset the holes a bit to accommodate different hand sizes. All of my flutes are open hole Folk flute style and require no mechanical parts or maintenance. They can be cleaned using common dish soap, preferably the non-abrasive type, as that would scratch the material. Titanium is impervious to nearly all chemicals and is Hypo-allergenic (does not cause reactions to the human body). Titanium is acoustically comparable to the precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, and in certain aspects, it is superior. Titanium metal has its visual counterpart in the gemstone world as Titania with an extremely high refractive index, I.E. it creates lots of “fire”. Titanium is stronger and lighter than stainless steel and is thereby less likely to incur serious damage as would be experienced with wood or precious metals. And, as I have mentioned, that it sounds great and looks great too.

Etsy Artist: Beaded Art Jewelry

Susan from Beaded Art Jewelry, goes beyond conventional jewelry crafting with her stunningly detailed beaded art pieces. Her rich choice of color and intricate design remind me of a royal Egyptian or Indian headdress. I would love to have one of her bangles!

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Name of business: Beaded Art Jewelry by Susan A. Pierle
Links to my shop:
About You: I have been beading for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it.
I am mostly self taught from wonderful books and magazines for learning technique and inspiration.
I have taken classes in drawing, watercolor painting, silkscreen, etching, photography,
basket weaving, and glass fusing.
I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and spent all my time on the beaches there painting sunsets and collecting shells to make jewelry and wind chimes.
I moved to Tennesse where I met my husband of 31 years and lived in the Smokey Mountains.
That was an inspiring place to be, I met some amazing young artist selling thier work and I knew I had to do the same someday.
We moved to Wyoming, another inspiring place, the mountains and landscape, I had to draw and paint it.
We came to Colorado Springs in 1984 and have been here ever since. This is where I started beading and selling my work. Every thing I had learned along the way came together and I found what I wanted to do.
My craft or talent: Creating wearable art jewelry with seed beads, fused glass, crystals and natural stones.
How I do my craft: When I make a one of a kind piece it starts with a focal piece of glass, one I might of made or a vintage button, a crystal, or a stone.
It is glued down and I start searching my seed beads for all the colors coming out of it. Then I just start beading and we’ll see what happens.
I do have a sketchbook and draw my designs too.
I love to do bead embroidery the most, but there are so many wonderful bead weaves to learn and create with, so I am always being pulled in different directions. It’s never boring.
What lead me to my craft: The desire to sell what I love to do.
My other interst or hobbies: Photographing flowers, camping and hiking, music festivals and having fun with good friends.

Other links or sites:

New Victorian lampshade

Large Victorian lamp shade for floor lamp or large table lamp.

Etsy Artist: JLWoodturning

This is Jerry from J & L Woodturning. After reading his interview, I can just imagine his journey from the beginning and relate to it in my own life and my journey into handcrafting. His work is spectacular!

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Name of Business: J & L Woodturning
Link to my shop:
About you: I am a carpenter, by trade. I have worked in the field of construction since graduating from high school. There is not much that I haven’t done or attempted to do in this line of work. I have lived in the beautiful hills of West Virginia all my life. I am married and have two children that are in college.
My craft or talent: I turn wooden bowls and cowboy hats on a lathe.
How I do my craft: The art of woodturning is using a lathe to mount a piece of wood and with the use of gouges, removing anything that you don’t want there. I work in the corner of my garage, but I have hopes of somday building a shop to work in. I like to work with green wood – wood that has recently been cut and not dried out. Most of the wood I use is local wood from trees that have fallen from a storm or someone has cut down. I look for unusual pieces – diseased wood, spalted (almost rotting) wood, burls (abnormal growths on trees) or crotches where two limbs meet. These have the most character and will produce the prettiest bowls. I sand the bowls while they are on the lathe and finish the drying process in the microwave. The cowboy hats are also turned from green wood and using rubber bands are bent into their shape.
What led me to my craft: I started woodturning when my brother, also a wood turner, gave me his old lathe and said, “See what you can do.” With his help in showing me how to sharpen my tools and the basics, it wasn’t long until I was hooked. I spent every spare moment at the lathe, just trying to see what I could do. After turning for three months, I juried for and was accepted at Tamarack, WV – an arts and craft showcase of the best of West Virginia. With the help of my wife, I started selling on my etsy site last year and I love it.
My other interests or hobbies: Other things I like are hunting and fishing, riding a 4-wheeler and watching sports on tv.
My other links, blogs: